Prayers for the suffering people of Haiti:

  • For the rapid restoration of Food and Water Security
  • For adequate shelter for families left homeless by the earthquake
  • For physical comfort and healing to the many people who were injured
  • For the healing of hearts and minds as the people deal with the heartbreak of  losing family members and friends to the disaster
  • For the restoration of public calm and security
  • For a renewed awareness of the love and presence of God
  • To experience the ‘peace that passes understanding’

Prayers for Salvation Army Officers and Staff stationed in Haiti:

  • For their own physical needs (food, water, housing) and the well-being of their families.
  • For strength (physical, spiritual, emotional) and resources to minister to the needs of the people in Haiti
  • For God’s grace as they minister healing and hope to people suffering from extreme trauma
  • For God to reveal Himself to the people of Haiti through the sacrificial service of our Officers and Staff as they work in His Name

Prayers for International Emergency Responders:

  • For cultural sensitivity as they minister in a land other than their own
  • For wisdom as they make difficult decisions about where and how to efficiently deliver relief goods and services
  • For physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to minister God’s love and grace
  • For public order and security during all phases of their ministries and relief distributions
  • For strength, comfort, and a sense of peace for family members and friends of international responders who remain behind at home.

Prayers for Incident Command Staff

  • For efficient and reliable routes and the necessary logistical support for moving large amounts of relief supplies into Haiti and to Army personnel ‘on the ground’
  • Continuing reliable communication with relief team in Haiti.
  • Wisdom when making decisions that will affect the lives of many people
  • A clear sense of God’s leading and a glimpse of His vision for the work of the Army in Haiti and our current relief operations
  • Grace to properly navigate a daunting maze of donors, volunteers, venders, service providers and people who have suffered great losses